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Corporate Profile

Primwaterview Holdings Limited as presently constituted is the holding company for Primewaterview Group, comprising of:

  • Primewaterview Limited (Real Estate Development Company)
  • Primewaterview Management Services Limited (Facility Management Company)

As part of its conglomerate expansion it is already putting in place modalities for the setting up of construction, and real estate materials trading companies. It has also signed partnership agreements with reputable infrastructure & Power generating companies, in its bid to be a major player in this sector.

Primewaterview Holdings Limited has Innovation at the core of its sustained push to be a global and easily recognisable brand.

To build a harmonious enterprise, we will always put our best foot forward in developing a group of companies into a large scale Real Estate & infrastructure conglomerate with an excellent knowledge of the needs of our customers, excellent synergistic relationship of our vast array of subsidiaries, wider international market, greater market share, well-run management and active workforce.

The unveiling of excellence continues…


Profit making by planning efficiently & preparing effectively to meet customers' expectations and gaining their trust.
Resisting the temptation to rest on our oars by reaching inwards to constantly challenge ourselves thereby bringing out our God given talents.
Innovating ceaselessly to always exceed our customer's expectation, and being steps ahead of competition.
Measuring all variables, whether profitable or not, whether tangible or intangible.
Engaging and empowering our employees to excel in all their endeavours, including their dealings with customers, colleagues, contractors & the communities we operate in.

Primewaterview Limited . . . Beyond Housing

Beyond the building blocks that make up our housing estates we build hopes, aspirations, and dreams. We build families. We build long lasting relationships. Over the years our clients have continued to trust us with our ability to create a world they are at home with… A world free from the hustles and bustles of the city.

The Primewaterview Name:

Primewaterview is a combination of three distinct words, which can stand alone. These include:

"Prime"- has a number of meanings including, First in excellence, quality, or value, First or early in time, order, or sequence; original. It indicates our intentions to be the best and preferred at all times because of the quality of our products and services.

"Water" – A clear, colourless, odourless, and tasteless liquid, H2O, essential for most plant and animal life. Its unique characteristics; including its serene nature, its life sustaining nature (as the saying goes, "Water is Life"), its universal appeal, availability, and affordability, are what have been taken into consideration in using it as part of our name. For us, we see ourselves as calm and calculative, a readily available solution to Life challenges, and a generally acceptable appeal the world over. As such we look forward to venturing beyond the shores of Nigeria, and Africa to impact the world with our uniqueness.

"View"- An examination or inspection; A sight; a look, A systematic survey; coverage, An individual and personal perception, judgment, or interpretation, an opinion. As applied, we critically look at issues from the perceptive of our numerous customers with a view to proffering far-reaching and innovation solutions.

As such, Primewaterview Holdings Limited is a company which seeks to be first at all times through the application of its universally acceptable skills and talents, which enables it to understand the needs and aspirations of its numerous clients with the aim of meeting them.